Multiple URLs vs Search Engines

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First goes...

My goal:
I would like multiple domainnames to point to either one site "parked?" or to individual pages "virtual pointers?" within that site... maybe "doorway" pages?

My questions:
1 - How should I setup multiple domainnames to point?
a - to the main index page
b - to individual pages

When ever someone types "truck" or "owner" in a search engine, I would like my site to rank.
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What you are asking for is pretty simple to setup in any multi-domain hosting plan. However I doubt it alone will not help you reach your goal.
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I wouldn't set them up as doorway pages to different pages on your site, but you can set them up to point to your homepage without breaking any SE rules.

Here's the basic process as it would happen on a Cpanel box (it's similar for pretty much any though).

Decide which domain name is going to be your primary domain, and have your account setup for that domain.

Add your other domains as "parked domains" - which simply point to your primary domain.

Create a .htaccess file containing 301 redirects for those domains.

Basically, you want it setup so that all those other domains forward to the respective URL on

For example.. would send you to would send you to would forward to

Using 301 permanent redirects, this tells search engines where your content truly exists.

Doing it this way will prevent each of your addon domains from being an exact duplicate of your primary domain, thus not hurt your primary or secondary domains for duplicate content.

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