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I had acouple of questions on My SQL Databases...

1. After deleting a db, how long befor the server recycle bin is purged?

2. Do db names have to be a certain # of characters?

3. What does it mean "Error: name already in use", if I don't have any My SQLs se up yet on my server?

This is way confusing...
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Post 3+ Months Ago

1. Is this on Windows?

2. I think there is an upper limit (of 128 chars) for MS SQL, but none that I am aware of for mysql.

3. Your code, that which you are sending and receiving data to/from the sql database is perhaps sending two like field names? Perhaps something is not quoted when it should be or vice versa?

You really did not provide much information, so likewise that is the sort of answers you got. :)

Are you sure it's mysql?
Is it running on Windows or Linux or...?
Why ask question 2? Are you experiencing some measure of difficulty?
When do you see the error defined in question 3 occur?

What is, and what is not installed? And what interface are you using for the db?

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