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1.If I have a lot of files stored in a ftp server of any webhosting provider which also provides e-mail service, can I move the files to that mail server in order to send these files back to my primary e-mail address? If yes, how to proceed that??

2.Referred to Q.1, is it possible to transfer file from ftp server to mail server? such as I have a file stored in and I want to e-mail that file to my friend with my already-existed e-mail account (e.g. If yes, please let me know how to. Thanks

3.Anyone know how to transfer the file (both UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD) via FTP from and to
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I would suggest you get SmartFTP - Provided you have access to the FTP server, this seems to be the most user friendly (windows) FTP client I've seen.

As far as sending those files to the Hotmail servers, I doubt it.
You're going to have to DL them to your system, then attach them to an email to whoever.

In any case, you have to have an FTP account on the server your trying to put to/get from
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Well it depends -- I say that a lot don't I?

If the machine is a Unix or Linux box, chances are they have sendmail running. They may even have pine -- which is a text email client.
Try running pine;
and see if it comes up. If you, you can email from a local host out to your email address, since sendmail will act as the mta.

There's other options as well, if you have the ability to load software. This all presumes ssh access ot the box though.


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