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I purchased a template and downloaded it with these instructions:

Open config.php and edit the following variables:

$dbServer = "localhost";
$dbuserName = "camrose_crash";
$dbpassword = "password";
$dbName ="camrose_test";

My question is what do i put for "localhost"?? I have no idea what this means.

Also, it says i need to :Upload all the files and directories to the main html directory at your server, using your favorite FTP program. Keep the same directory structure.

How do I do this? Thanks
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Leave it as localhost if database is on same server.
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Basicially you need a program (ftp) to get the files from your computer and upload them to your hosting space.

When you signed up for hosting they should have given you an ftp address, username and password - these are what you enter to connect to your hosting using the File Transfer (protocol) program.

I prefer smartFTP you can download for free, enter your ftp address (usually then your username and password and hit connect.

Your hosting provider will tell you where to put the files, usually a folder like 'httpdocs'

smartFTP also have excellent tutorials on how to use the program and upload your files here:

This topic will help you in regard to finding a good ftp program to use if you decide you would like to use another one instead

Good luck!
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Uh, huh?
I believe the first part of the question dealt with making a php enabled web portal utilize a back end db?
In which case, the 'localhost' would be replaced with the IP of the db server (or left localhost if it indeed was, localhost).
The other entries would represent the username and password as well as the db name (particular db you are utilizing for that portal).

As for the second part, listen to musik. :)

I am curious; do you know if you have a mysql or postgres backend? Do you know how to add tables?
This script may not do much for you, if the answer to either one of those is 'no' or 'I don't know'. I only ask, as the 'how to ftp' query is rather rudimentary, and leads me to believe you may not fully grasp the intent of this php code.

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