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I am not saying who I am, but I must say in detail what is going on, with out giveing away myself.

This is whats going on..

There is about 2-6 people who are making/made a new website, and they are doing the same thing as what 3-5 other sites are already doing. "Game hacking". This one new website's members/owner is attacking the other sites. By attack, I mean heavy ddos. But they where attacking my site and it went down, then when i went to another site that was in this issue, they went down moments later.

My was on shared hosting, so it had to be canceled and refunded. The other site are (Im not 100% sure on this) Deticated servers, or privately owned.

Basicly, I need to take some legal action, I dont know where to start and I dont want who I report this new site to, to know who I am. All over the new site, there is stuff about them dosing the sites.

But the thing is, is that one that site, they dont literally say "we are dosing..." they say things like, "Mebey" and "*list of sites that always get dosed*" and "I not do anything" and "It will be down soon enough". But thats enough info.

Based on that, I think any smart person can tell that, they are the ones doing it. I have gone though 4 servers today. Becuase I know the owner, I was able to get free accounts on their hosting server. But as soon as I get my domain set up and pointed to the nameserver, then upload all the files. Guess what happeneds to the server. It gets ddosed and the host no longer wants to host me. It completely renders the site offline. All shared users go down.

Please help guys, If you cant help and dont know, Please say that, dont leave me hanging becuase I can to another website and ask the same thing.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

I am not sure what sort of help you are looking for.

What I can tell you is this; obtain the log data from your host and hire an attorney.

No one, anywhere, will be able to do much more for you.

If what you are looking for is someone to offer to exact your revenge for you, that is something you most certainly will NOT find here.

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