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Hi, I use a Linksys router and am trying to host an FTP server from my laptop. I understand all the things, such as port forwarding, and all the other things required. Anyway, my IP address is on the network, and port forwarding only lets me change this 192.168.1._, not 192.168._._ . So that i cannot put my IP address in it. The laptop uses wireless connection. Any suggestions? :roll:
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So here's what it sounds like to me; correct me if I am off-target.

You have both a Wireless WAP AND a Linksys Router. The Linksys router provides IP's in the 192.168.1 range, and your WAP provides them in the .6 range.
That is to say, you have dhcp turned on for both devices.
If this is the case, you have some duplicating going on -- and incidentally, if you ever tried to VPN out into a work network, you would be unable. (Double NAT's *bad*).

Instead of Automatic configuration -- DHCP on the wireless device, change it instead to Static IP, and provide it one from the range that the router provides; in the .1. The gateway and DNS provider will all be the .1, which should just forward requests through itself to the resolver set up via it's DHCP configuration.
So in Setup->Basic Setup, change to *Static* , then add the appropriate information for assigned IP address, subnet mask ( for the class 'C' that the router provides by default) GW and DNS both the router IP (internal). Then down below add the local IP and subnet mask again.

Of course, I could be so wildly off-target, if this does not mirror your setup. :) So as a standard disclaimer; YMMV. ;)

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:roll: I'm confused, but would port triggering work too?, so that I don't have to specify my ip address as the target for stuff sent to port 21 on my external ip address? Thanks

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