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I've spent years looking for a decent host, and now I am in desperate need of one. Now that my MORPG is somewhat complete and ready for beta testing on its current progress, I need a host.

I've searched for temporary free hosts, but the only one I've found pretty close to decent is

Right now I am having trouble accessing the File Manager in my cPanel, and downtime is my pet peeve so you can suspect I am pretty pissed right now because I am missing out on a lot of time I can get a lot of work done in.

So, I'm done looking for free hosts. I'm ready to shell out cash.

What I need is:

-Current PHP and MySQL Versions (doesn't have to be the current one, but at least one that isn't as old as dirt)
-Plenty of MySQL Databases, which I can attain back ups of.
-A good amount of bandwidth, one that could support about a few hundred visitors a day, don't need to pay for anything more than that right now since I'm just starting out.
-One that supports unlimited connections to a database at a time, or at least quite a few. I was looking at GoDaddy, but this FAQ I found on there claims they only support 50 simultaneous connections to a database at once on their Linux Hosting Plans (not the virtual / dedicated server plans) ... ic_id=67&&

And since just about every page in my game connects to a database, so 50 doesn't seem sufficient.

-Definitely one that has no ads, and one that will allow me to place my own ads. I've seen paid hosts before that force ads :?
-Cron Jobs are a MUST. And when the cron jobs run, I don't want it to dramatically slow down my site. The cron jobs need to run every half hour.

So yeah, those are my necessities. I am willing to pay between $20 - $40 a month, but if you find a host like this that isn't in my price range, go ahead and present it anyways. If it's good enough, I can pay the extra money.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hello mando, your budget is certainly reasonable. However, I am not so sure about this requirement.

One that supports unlimited connections to a database at a time

mysql connections is probably the most taxing item on a server. I would certainly look for an undersold host, as the more dramatically a host is oversold, the more restrictive they will be on this sort of thing.

Anyone wanting to make mando an offer, please do so in a private message...
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I looked at GoDaddy hosting. Here is a topic post I started on another forum, which I still need answering to:

I assume discussion about hosting that doesn't advertise other hosts or even talk about looking for hosts is allowed.

I was looking at a company for hosting my MORPG, and I talked to their customer support on what plan I might choose to host an MORPG.

They said they would recommend the dedicated server hosting, which I'm sure a lot of you know what that is.

He said I should choose the "Custom Server" plan, so I could customize the server. Then he gave me these specifications for the server that he recommends I choose:

Dual 120 GB Drive w/ Disc Mirroring
1500 GB Bandwidth
Pentium 4 w/HT - 3.0 GHz
Plesk Control Panel 30 Domains
Plesk Pack Pro

Yeah, it also comes with a ton of extra things.

And, the part that scares me:
$194.53 / month

Yeah, ouch. The total per year is: $2,334.36

Obviously, I'm going to need some source of income to support this MORPG. I want the income to come through this game, as I'm not old enough to get a job.

So, what I have planned so far is Premium Membership and Premium Benefits.

Premium Membership will cost $5 a month, but you can much better advantages in the game that will probably get you ranked higher than those who don't pay for membership.

And then there are Premium Benefits. Where you pay a few cents per 100 attack points or gold.

To support the game, I would need to get at least 40 people who will pay for Premium Membership.

That is if I only receive income through Premium Membership.

Another way I plan on trying to get some income is through advertisements. I was looking into Google AdSense, but they aren't clear on how much you get per click or per view. Does anybody know? Any other places you recommend I can get paid for advertising at?

And the other ways I hope to receive money from is sponsoring the game, which gets you advertising on the site.

And does the custom server the tech support guy created seem logical? Do I really need dedicated server hosting?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Again, respond to mando in PM ONLY.

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