Is it possible to get files out of a host using nameservers?

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Is it possible to somehow get my files out of a host using nameservers?
I had a moderately good website host but it seems to have gone down without any notice (used to be located at The problem is, I had a lot of stuff in there, most of which I don't have a backup of. So.. I thought maybe there is a way to still download what I need even if I can't reach a control panel or file manager or anything (haven't tried via FTP yet but I guess it would be no use..?).

For example, here, not that I trust this very much, but I can see it says at least the nameservers are still there..
Well, I know it's mostly my fault for neglecting backup but I thought I'd ask anyway..
Thanks in advance for any advice.. I'm about to panic :(
I even tried the internet archive wayback machine thingy to at least copy my source codes but it doesn't have my page ( indexed.

*EDITI managed to get to my main directory and download everything but I still don't get it why it doesn't work when everything obviously IS there. I hope it's temporary..
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Well from your edit I'm going to assume that the worst is over and that you were able to retrieve your files via SFTP.

Your host could have been having any number of problems, it's hard to say. Have you contacted them?
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As spork says, it could be any number of things, but most likely the web server or the app server (WAS, any J2EE, Tomcat/Jakarta, post-processed dynamic content generator, etc. ) was down. Remember that each port / protocol is operated by software that manages the connections to said port.
Chances are the system was up, hence the file system as was the ftpd, which explains why you could get the files.

As he said also, contact the host.

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