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Alright, here's my question/concern:

My server just hit the two year old mark, and I have a growing concern that a hardware component may fail. I'm especially concerned about the power source, as it is actually 6 years old! (I'm an idiot, I know) The problem is, my colocation facility is nearly 2,000 miles away, and the on-site engineers are a bit slow when it comes to component replacement. So, I need to create a mirrored system which can maintain service in the event of a failure. Funding is limited, so another colocated server is not feasible.

Here's my idea
I'm going to configure a server on one of my personal computers. I'm going to set up a second DNS server and an identical HTTP setup. It will be on a DSL line, but at least it'll be functional.
I'm also going recommend adding this nameserver to all domains.

Here are my questions:
1) If the primary server fails, the primiary nameservers will also fail. If I change the secondary's DNS config to redirect to the second server, how long will it take for the changes to go into effect? I was thinking it would be instantaneous, but I'm not certain.

2) The emergency backup and its nameserver may not always be online. If it is listed as a nameserver and offline, will it slow down normal DNS resolution due to a timeout?

3) Does this sound like a decent plan? Can you recommend a better one?

These are probably stupid questions, but I'm definitly not a DNS pro. (Unlike a few of you on here!)
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I would configure a second server but I would ship it to the other location with instructions that if the first one should fail to connect the second one. That would eliminate all the DNS problems.

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