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Alright, so I'm really new to the whole web design scene, and I recently purchased a domain ( and a free hosting plan (from the domain I got from and the hosting was from When I got the confirmation e-mail from aerohostale, it told me to set up their DNS's: and I have a moderate understanding of what DNS's are, but I don't really understand exactly how they work or what it means to set one up...

So in the control panel, when you're adding records, it looks something like this, where the __'s represent text fields you can type into... __(TYPE goes here)_(IP Address/Hostname goes here)_
... so I filled it in like so: CNAME

...So my question is, since I now have an entry for and I can't have duplicate entries, what do I need to do with this, and did I do this right?
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Uhm, no. Don't cname ns1 to your site.

What they are telling you to do is to set auth for DNS up for ns1 and ns2. You do that where you got the domain; they should have a login which permits you to set your DNS resolvers to whomever you wish.

In that, you would add ns1.<domain> and ns2.<domain>

Then, with the company that you are hosting with, you make the following entries;
www IN A <IP> (if they provided you the IP, or )
www IN CNAME <alternate domain name.> ( If you have a dynamically assigned domain name. Just make sure you include the period.)

The first tells the TLD who to go to for authority of name resolution; which points at your DNS resolvers. The second actually resolves your domain name to an IP, directly or indirectly.

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The following changes are made at your registrar not webhost. Unless they are one in the same. In either case there should be a seperate login. and

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