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Hello all,

I ran into an issue the other day that I have never had to worry about. A client of mine (I provide computer services for them) owns a domain and has a website hosted through Earthlink. They didn't know much about website design or anything else so they hired someone to create the site for them.

The website is The issue is not the site itself. About two or more months ago someone in Poland (Found that out through an IP trace) and other places are sending spam using their domain name.



They get a lot of "Return to Sender" type email because apparently some of the addresses the spammer uses doesn't exsist or the message is blocked. It has an attachment named "Software.txt".

I told them I would try to investigate the issue. I don't believe that the email is coming from Earthlink's server (But it wouldn't surprise me). I know that you can mask an email saying it came from any domain. But my client asked how do large corporations keep people from doing this with their domain.

I honestly do not know what to tell these people or how to resolve the issue. If anyone has any advice AT ALL, I would greatly appreciate it. This has stressed them out and they fear that they will have to change their domain name.

I have verified that there are no trojans/viruses/spyware on their system including rootkits. I really don't know what to tell them. Any advice?

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Post 3+ Months Ago

It doesn't have to originate from their mail server.

All it takes is an open smtp server someplace on the internet and a minor knowledge of how command line sendmail interface functions to bluff your way through.

SpamHouses often provide the means of accomplishing just that.

I offer the following;

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Hey bubba!  Can I count on you for your support?  WHen you comin' by the White House?
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  6. Hey bubba!  Can I count on you for your support?  WHen you comin' by the White House?

I made this email from a box I know of out there in the mist that is the Internet. Yet, in the from block (and reply to) it clearly states, from

Only if you examine the header details will you notice the IP in which it originated.

Most people don't do that; most ISP's respond to the 'reply to' address.

In other words, check the headers; if the mail is originating from an external IP (to the mail hosts block) you have nothing to concern yourself over but unfortunately, you have no real recourse either.

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