is this to good to be true

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Post 3+ Months Ago

The Free Packages Includes:

500 MB Disk Space Included

PHP Forum Included

5 GB Monthly Transfer Limit Included

PHPNuke Included

10 Email Account Included

PHP Website Included

10 MySQL Database Included

Invision Included

10 FTP Account Included

PHPAuction Included

Control Panel Included

PHP Links Included

OsCommerce Included

PHP Support Tickets Included

Post Nuke Included

Moodle Included

Xoops Included

PHPlist Included

4images Included

Fantastico Included

PHPprojekt Included

PHP 4.3.2 Included

B2 WebBlog Included

MySQL Databases Included

Support Services Manager Included

Python Included

Noah's Classifieds Included

FTP Accounts Included

WebCalendar Included

FrontPage Support Included

Private CGI Bin Included

Network Tools Included

PHPMyAdmin Access Included

Server Side Includes Included

Perl Version 5.x Included

Raw Logs Included

Password Protection Included

MIME types Included

Custom Error Pages Included

Web Mail Included

Web Based File Manager Included

Email Forwarders Included

Cron Jobs Included

POP3, SMTP IMAP email Included

Easy Backup Included

Autoresponders Included

Web Based Stats Included

Spam Filters Included

i got all this at

Dear CHris,

We are currently looking over your application for web hosting with us at

We currently issue accounts by the amount of Google AdSense dollars brought in that day. For each $5 of Google AdSense per day we earn we issue another account.

In other words at the end of the day if we earn $15 dollars we set-up 3 accounts. If we end the day at $1 we set up no accounts.

We have taken this model to ensure that we can sustain the servers that provide free hosting to you.

How can you help? Ensure that you return to the site and click on the Ads by Google at the top of screen.

Click below return to our site:

Sincerely, Signup Tool
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Post 3+ Months Ago

you gotta be kidding me. clearly, they intend to use YOUR site
on their server for Google ads.

Be my guest :roll:
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Let's see ... $5.00 a day ... that's $1825 per year.

You'd be better off paying $500.00 a year for hosting - posting Google Adsense ads yourself - and pocketing the $1325 difference.

Based on my personal experience with Google Adsense it would take close to 1000 visitors a day to generate $5.00/day.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hmmm... 1,000 unique visits? unique visitors? or unique page views?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hmmm... 1,000 unique visits? unique visitors? or unique page views?

Unique visitors - which translates into about 4000 page views on the one site that I have placed Google Adsense on.

That's just an example of course. The number of visitors / page views required to produce $5.00 a day in Adsense revenue depends on site content and which advertisers appear and how prominent the ads are.

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