Turning hosting over to client after development is complete

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I was wondering how all of you independent developers / designers out the handle hosting for your clients. Do you set up the host for the client's new site with your own card, set up the site, and then have them go and put their own information in (folding the first months hosting cost into the site cost). Or do you have them set up the account themselves and then give you the credentials?

I ask because many of my clients are small business owners who are not entirely tech savvy, who shy away from setting up accounts and such. However, a part of me is also leery of using my own payment information on their accounts; what if they neglect to change it for whatever reason? Then I have the hassle of getting it corrected and fixed.

What do you guys do?
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Depends on the work I do, most of the time I do all the site updates. I charge a fee per year for hosting and running the site. I do small and simple tasks that don't change the scope of the website for free (included in the annual host). If they want to have full control of the source I don't offer hosting and I just recommends them a host. Ill set up the site for them but after I'm done if anything goes wrong they'll have to pay me to fix it.

At one point I had a reseller account and I offered hosting through that but I didn't want to deal with their technical problems when they screwed something up.
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Well I cannot speak for everyone, but as you know Ozzu does provide web hosting to customers and resellers. Most of the resellers we do have, simply have a few clients which they provide hosting and web design services for. For some of the resellers who host with us what typically happens is we bill them directly, and then they bill their customers directly. So all of the hosting accounts would be in the reseller's name, not the actual end customer. In fact, usually we do not even have contact information for their customers, that is something they keep control of.

Now when it comes time for renewal, typically the reseller would try and bill their customers (for a higher amount to make profit) and once paid then they would renew the hosting with us if they were paying per account. Some resellers pay for a bulk package which lets them have xx number of accounts under them so typically for those clients they are still only billed once per period from us, but they may be billing numerous customers. By doing everything this way though, it keeps you separate from the customer so you do not have to mingle your information in with theirs.

If I were you I would never have your payment info on their account directly if they have access to that account. I would think it would be okay as long as only you have access to the account, but if they have access as well I would advise against putting your billing information in case they decided to purchase more services which would charge you. Hopefully that helps some! :)

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