unsure if using NS would be correct solution for this

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Hi, my apologies in advance if this post might sound cryptic, or if actually this answer has been resolved elsewhere. I do not have any experience in this at all, and therefore I am not even sure what terms I should be searching for.

Ok, I have recently designed a friend's website as such:
her domain name mintio.sg is registered through vooju.com,
whilst she is still using webspace for another website to host this new site, nectar-studio.com/mintiosg,
nectar-studio.com being her other website and /mintiosg being the folder where I placed files for the new website.

Through vooju.com, I am allowed 2 options, a URL forward method, or a nameserver method where I should provide 2 NS servers.

I currently chose the URL forwarding method since it works fine, however the issue here is I am unable to do any SEO through the domain mintio.sg because all vooju.com does is create an index page with the following code:
Code: [ Select ]
<FRAMESET ROWS ="0,100%">
<FRAME SRC="/blank.html" NAME="blank">
<FRAME SRC="http://www.vooju.com/cgi-bin/vj/parkredirect/parkredirect_zoom.pl?url=www.nectar-studio.com/mintiosg" NAME="mymainz">
  1. <FRAMESET ROWS ="0,100%">
  2. <FRAME SRC="/blank.html" NAME="blank">
  3. <FRAME SRC="http://www.vooju.com/cgi-bin/vj/parkredirect/parkredirect_zoom.pl?url=www.nectar-studio.com/mintiosg" NAME="mymainz">
  4. </FRAMESET>

therefore I am unable to insert any META tags and do verification with Google Webmaster Tools and the like.

Hence, I am wondering if Vooju's alternative method of providing my own nameservers will solve my problem here, (although after reading a bit I realise I probably require dedicated nameservers from nectar-studio.com, and also, this entire exercise may be futile since my files are not in the root folder of nectar-studio.com, please confirm if this is true)

Either way, please kindly advise on what I should be doing next.
Many thanks for your time.

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