Upload Limits Tech Heads Please Help!

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Hi Guys and Gals,

Could you please help me with this question, someone who knows what they are talking about.

My server imposes an upload limit of 100MB on my ftp transfer. Its Heart Internet by the way. I dont really want to move server cause I quite like them actually.

I want to make a little online business where I sell Audio Sample Libraries. The individual samples will be less than 100MB, but the whole libraries will certainly be more. I need to contain all the samples in a zip file or somthing similar for downloading. (dont I)?

I assume theres no way to get around this sever upload limit crap.

Heart internet advise somthing along the lines of `if you wish to upload a file bigger than 100MB break it into pieces and reasemble it once its uploaded` ok... so...how?
and If the only way is to load the samples up a few at a time whats the best way to reassemble them at the other end?
Is there a way to recombine the pieces into a zip file once uploaded?

Thanks in advance for your help people.
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I don't know anything about heart but if your account comes with cpanel access, you should have acccess to their "file manager" utility. With this you will be able to upload files and then compress them on the server.

If you have SSH access you can zip them through there, but you will need to know th unix commands.

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