Using CMS with high traffic (bandwidth question)

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently hosting with GoDaddy (shared hosting). I have a disk space allotment of 150,000 MB and a 1,500,000 MB bandwidth allotment (Linux server). I plan on having many many users on my website (high traffic), mostly reading and creating content in the form of forums and personal blogs. I will allow file attachments, but not very many large file attachments - perhaps limited to Word documents, PDFs, photos, etc. (less than 5 or 10 MB per attachment). I am using Drupal's Content Management System (CMS - and a MySQL database. If my users' primary activities are accessing, querying, and editing entries in my database each day, how much activity or number of users would be too much for a bandwidth of 1,500,000 MB? Are we talking thousands, hundred-thousands, millions? Do I need to worry about "CPU Utilization" when using a shared host and a high traffic website that is mainly text-based for content?
My site may be similar to the activity levels of Facebook or MySpace eventually.

Thanks for any advice!
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You don't have to worry about going over the bandwidth limit on Godaddy hosting. From what I understand it's not possible, and here's why.


Imagine you bought a 30 day time-frame in which you could remove up to a metric ton of rice from a building and keep the rice.

This building remains the property of who you bought the rice from.

This building has a single door where you can take rice out.

Because of the size of the door & how many other people are taking rice out of the same building, it's physically impossible for you to pull a full metric ton of rice out within 30 days.

To make matters worse, if you start hogging the doorway so that you end up taking more rice out than anyone else, they will kick you out and you will not be able to get anymore rice.

Adding insult to injury, it would be more cost effective to buy your own building full of rice than it would be t get a bigger door put in the existing building.


If you're going to be dealing with that much activity, it's a question of how quickly you can make the website pay for a VPS or dedicated server to run itself on and get off of shared hosting. Not whether you'll get kicked off of shared hosting or not. It's guarenteed that you will with that kind of activity.
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No matter where, you'll not face bandwidth problem in a shared hosting

what you may encounter in shared hosting is simultaneous connection of users when you use the CPU heavily

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