I want to host a web server, but I have some problems

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PC1---> a laptop receives wireless connection from a WLAN
PC2---> A desktop that does not have a wireless adaptor
Router---> WRT54G, with DHCP disabled

I am trying to setup my server on PC2, and PC2 does not have direct access to the internet. It has to go through to the Router and router goes through PC1 to get internet Connection.

My problems is that how do I let my router automatically forward people's request for my webserver to my PC2.

I disabled DHCP. If I didn't disable it, my PC2 wouldn't receive any internet connection. My router basically is fuctioning as a hub/switch.
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why do you use your first pc as the router?
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And why a lappy?
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Here's an odd concept; buy a $3 cable and connect the desktop to one of the wired ethernet ports on the back of the wireless router.

Problem solved.

I cannot even consider the ramification of running a wireless laptop as a router, unless say, you are "borrowing" someone else's wireless Internet connection. In which case, that's a "no-no".

I assume since it's a laptop, that its intended purpose is to be mobile. A laptop that is not, is a waste of a laptop. ;)

Buy the cable, plug it in. If you are "borrowing" the Internet connection, stop.

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