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I am looking to move to a new web hosting company for shared (or virtual private) unix hosting service. Let me start off by saying I am asking for a lot here, but I do not want to discourage any bids, if you meet the bare minium I ask for, please send me a price quote asap. I will outline the service my current host supports, the service I am using now and the service I project to use within 1 year. Please email bids to jason@smathie.net with "hosting bid" in the subject line. Bids will be considered that meet the requirments for which I project I will need in 1 year. No bids will be considered without the following:

1) Money back guarentee within certian time frame, please indicate that time frame in your bid
2) Shell access to host
3) NetPBM (for php) on host current or willing to install.
4) PHP Nuke and Gallery are known to work on your server.
5) Service must be less then $250/year. If the bid I recieve by far exceeds my expectations, that is when a $250/year bid is acceptable, dont think you can get $250/yearly from me for an inferiar product just becuase I list that price. If you can meet my requirments at a lower price, you are better off doing that.

The following are the levels of service which I am using:
600 MB disk space
6 domain names
1 mySQL database
email forwarding for each domain
< 1GB bandwwidth monthly

The following are the levels of service offered:
unlimited disk
25 GB monthly bandwidth
25 mySQL dBs
25 domains
unlimited all other options in plesk

As you can see, I dont use nearly what is available, but I do plan to use more in the future. Here are my projections for 1 year from now, you must offer at least this level of service:
3 GB Hard Drive
5 GB Monthly Bandwidth
10 domains
control panel (any)
10 mySQL dBs


The following features will recieve special consideration for bid acceptance:
*Anonymous FTP
*multiple FTP and shell logins per domain
*automatic script installers like Fantastico
*unlimited bandwidth, disk, or domains (not that I need it, but it makes me feel good)
*support can be reached via online chat


Finally, this is only a deciding factor if I have multiple bids or equal merit. Please indicate if you are willing to move a PHP-Nuke site with a Gallery module from its current host to your host (making the needed configuration changes) if you are given either a tarball off the current site or a login to the current host.

Some things to remember to include in your email:
Setup fee (if any):
Monthly Fee:
Price if paid yearly:
control panel type:
disk space allowed:
# of domains allowed:
max bandwidth:
databases allowed:
extra features:
Is anonymous FTP allowed?:
Multiple shell and/or FTP accounts per domain?:
What is your support policy? Please include a list of methods (email, phone, ICQ, AIM, IRC, online web chat) which support can be reached. Include the hours in which support can be reached and the maxium time for reply to routine support requests. Also include the policy on emergancy support issues (server not reponding), the contact methods in this case and the maxium responce time.
please further explain service in detail or provide a link to a web site which can do so:

Thanks in advance for the thoughtfull replies, I look forward to making the switch to a new web host. Just as a reminder, send bids to jason@smathie.net with "hosting bid" in the subject line.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Welcome to OZZU smathie. It's our norm to lock threads like this to prevent unecessary replies. Anyone wishing to respond, please contact him at the email he provided above jason@smathie.net

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