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hey guys,
i have been thinking about this for a whole day and decided just to ask you for your opinion and for advice on this.
in brief: my hosting plan with LP expires pretty soon. to be honest, i wasn't satisfied with what they actually served me(cP) after when I've done with the hosting plan registration. since, i thought that my needs(at that time) wouldn't require a lot from having a full options cP(not limited like mine was) i thought i shouldn't bother them, so just simply swallow the bubble-gum. lately, i realized it was a mistake. anyway, i got few times a very sensitive issues(like Domain name addon, some DNS transferring problems, unsuccessful SSL installation, etc.), so basically I was kinda busy with handling my problems by Myself. The overall about their response is quite unbalanced to me because they wasn't "your-big-friend if any problems occurs...", as advertised, so this made me a dilemma now...Should I split with them or not?
It's been always good to have an experience with any given big name hosts and that's why we all believe that the Host must be as attentive as they can in offering a 99.9% up-time, professional reliability and the most of all a customer service. And that's why i have that feeling for some reason i didn't get this all-in-three through the time being with them.
I know it may be sound strange to ask for such thing but I will honestly appreciate every each of you as an analyst and reviewer, a point of view or even simple tip what you'd do if you were in my shoes!?
Thank you!
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I think the most important thing to consider is whether or not the times you've had to deal with them left you feeling completely satisfied, confident in what to do next, or frustrated.

If the answer is frustrated there's really no reason to stick around. No amount of money is worth being frustrated every time problems come up. Problems are inevitable.

If you've generally felt confident in what to do next after speaking with them, and the price is right, that's a pretty good reason to stick around in my book.

I'm guessing the first answer nowhere near applies to you in this situation.

unsuccessful SSL installation

That's kinda scarry really.
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There's too many choices out there for any one company to offer sub-standard service.
Point blank, if you needs as the customer are not met -- move.

I concur with joebert, an inability to successfully install SSL certs is entirely frightening.
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One thing which can be of great importance while considering selecting the hosting providers is whether or not they offer really professional technical support. Some leading hosts are now offering live chat systems that can be used for tech matters and this is really great.

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