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I have found two hosting companies that I love because of what they offer, however, their website builder isn't really something that I am too fond of.

I found that I like weebly's website builder alot. However, they have MANY complaints that people's computer would freeze when photos, crashes would happen, photos take forever to upload, customer service is complete crap etc etc etc. And when you register with weebly's free website builder you get your name attached to the end of theirs.

I have my own domain name that i already brought and would like to use.

So what I want to know is:

Is it possible to build my site at weebly, forward/transfer TO my OWN DOMAIN name and then use a webhost company of my choosing? (I don't want to use weebly's hosting)

thanks so much! Sorry to make this whole thing sound so convoluted.

Please don't suggest that I use frontpage/dreamweaver/html to achieve the site that i want. I'm not extremely quick at those programs and I don't really have the money to pay someone to build one for me. I like website builders!
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I have to admit, I know very little of Weebly except what I see on the surface and despite the fact I recommended it to someone in another thread who was looking for easy, cheap hosting.
However, I get the impression, and mind you this is just an impression, that they make use of in-house templates. CSS that while you may customize the presentation layer.... all of the under-the-covers work is kept from you. I can understand why they do that -- certainly does reduce the amount of help desk calls they receive, and when you are offering free hosting, reduced call volume is a 'good' (tm) thing.

What all that means is, unless you have access not only to the basic html that is generated (which I think you do) but also to the CSS and any other templates they have in place... then the answer is no.

Have you tried emailing them and asking that question? :)
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