What benefit is there to multiple IP's?

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I am going to co-locate my next server and some of the packages offer 8 or 16 IP's. What purpose is there to that?

Does splitting your traffic between two IP's help? Bandwidth? Peak? Does you need two NIC cards?

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They are either offering you multiple IP's for round robin load balancing; a very primitive means of easing traffic across multiple disparate pathways, or they simply are offering you multiple ip's to run multiple sites, as a package deal.

In other words, someone who co-lo's a server might have more than one site and prefer to keep them distinct by IP rather than by hostname headers.

I would inquire to them, if they do offer some load-balancing schemas, and what they entail.
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If you are only running one website, you probably won't need the extra IPs. Reasons that you would want multiple IPs:
- If you were running multiple websites and you wanted each one to have its own IP. In some situations, your website would have more authority if it had it's own IP.
- You may want sub-domains on different IPs. Really the same situation as above.
- You plan on sending email from multiple domains. Many email servers verify that the domain/subdomain assigned to an IP address matches the senders domain and only one domain can be assigned to an IP (rDNS).
- You want to run different services on different IPs.
- Many more reasons...

You wouldn't want to split traffic amongst different IPs if they were on the same server. No point to that.

It has no impact on bandwidth or any peak usage.

A single NIC can have any number of IPs assigned to it.
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Hi Camperjohn,

'Multiple IP addresses are useful for your various websites- If you are running a single website, you probably won't need the extra IPs. Search engines show that the SERPs are in no way affected by the several domain hosting. It does not affect bandwidth and in the same way you can have a single NIC for any number of IPs.

It is not important for someone new in the website industry trying out something on their own to have a dedicated IP.

Let me know if you need any more info''


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