WHM name server set up on dedicated server

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Hi everyone - I've kinda been thrown into the deep end and dont know where to start. I'm hoping someone out there can throw me a life line.

business partner got us another dedicated server and wants me to set it up I am using:

WHM 8.5.1 cPanel 8.5.3-S3
RedHat 8.0 - WHM X v2.1.1

he told me that I need to set up the DNS servers... I'm like.. emmmm... ok!

now I have searched the net for a couple of days to try and give myself a crash course but no where out there has any tutorials or help files in this so I am still where I was a couple of days ago.

I need to set up both primary and secondary name servers. but everything I do and everything i try when I go to create an account to put atest site on my server it tells me to set up my name servers in WHM.

its driving me crazy.
so if someone could speak to me as if I was a 10 year old child and explain to me a way in which I can get the basic set up - or things I need to do before I can get set up I would be very grateful.

thank you to everyone in advance

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If you are using CPanel, I believe there is a DNS setup area right in there. It might be called "Name Servers" or "DNS Functions".
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I have found life to be easier by bookmarking this site and going to it first:


Good Luck :)

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