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is midphase.com a reliable company?has anyone used? i just registered a domain name at go daddy..now i need a host php/mysql /on linux
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I have a website hosted with midPhase and I have not had any problems.
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*edited out*
Midphase moved my domains to a new server - I'll see how it goes.
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Dan's a good guy, you should have no problems.
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Just for your information: With their MegaPhase Plan only 1 mySql database is included.
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We used to host with Godaddy.com. We own a lot of domains that are all
registered with Godaddy so it seemed convenient to use the basic hosting
plans of $3.95/month with php/MySQL that you can't beat.

On our latest site we want to offer who-is lookup that can not run on a shared
hosting account. Another reason why we were looking for a Godday.com
alternative is that their shared hosting does not give you root access, script
support, and therefore no access to server files like php.ini, if your are into PHP.
To bring it to a point, Godaddy.com is great for the general public and a hosting
provider like Midphase.com is made for Webmasters and Programmers.

We started out with a shared hosting account with root access. Their customer
support was very good for us, even though I read other people putting down
on their customer support. They have a very knowledgeable tech crew. The
response was most of the time in a few hours, and especially at night the
response times where anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes, since they hire people
from outside the U.S. to serve for the 24/7 support.

We soon realized we want to switch to a VPS package since we have full
control, unlimited domain hosting, WHM(WebHostManaging to set up cpanels
for our customers) and with 300GB bandwidth, 15GB hard drive space, and 256
MB Ram you have quite some resources for a very good price of $49.95/month.
The VPS setup time was fast too.

Once the VPS was setup we could not resolve the IP and kept receiving a
"Server Response Error". I had many support tickets going and it seemed
impossible to resolve. I went through my entire programming code to find any
scripting errors. It basically drove me crazy since I assumed the fault on our
part. Finally after several days it miraculously resolved but the speed of our site
was worth than on the shared hosting account.

I talked to their tech support about slow server response times and the
administrator replied that they been having internal networking problems
themselves and that all the systems are on the same network and therefore
the experienced server downtime. He assured me that the networking
problems had been fixed.

I liked Midphase a lot. Their script support and expertise was great. I was a
Midphasion till this happened and immediately send my cancellation notice since
we are looking for a reliable uptime with powerful features and a site being
down for several days or many hours is not an option for us since we neither
want to lose customers or search engine rankings.

I will keep an eye on Midphase and they might grow into a very reliable hosting
provider in the future if they get their server technology straightened out and
expand their server maintenance crew.

We are still on the lookout and can't decide between LiquidWeb, HostForWeb,
Websitesource and Ipower. At the moment we favor LiquidWeb for their server
managing support that a lot of others are missing.

I hope this review was helpful.

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