JOB OFFER: 2D Artist/Graphic Designer Wanted for Puzzle Game

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Team name:
Talitha Starware

Project name:
Marble Quest

Project Presentation:

Brief Description:
We're looking for a 2D artist and a graphics designer for our cross-platform 2D puzzle game.

Target aim:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, and Mac OS X.

To be discussed personally. But more than likely a percentage of potential revenue.

Talent needed:
2D Artist
Graphics Designer

Full Description:

During the year of 2006 I was involved in several online gaming projects at the capacity of assisting in game design. Most of these online teams follow poor organization and planning, as well as lack of communication. The absences of these elements lead to their downfall. I was fortunate enough to learn from their mistakes, gather a great deal of information from research, and observe the progress of other teams.

With an established foundational knowledge of project management and game design I’ve created a simple game design document. From late 2006 to late January, I’ve worked on this design document while gathering potential developers. The development team, during that time, experienced numerous personnel changes. Graphics designers weren’t meeting deadlines, and programmers are consistently missing in action.

I need dedicated people who will do their best to see that this game project is entirely completed. I need someone who is serious about their work and will place this game project as their top priority.

This is a small cross-platform puzzle game that will hopefully be published online. I particularly need 2D artist to create the levels and GUIs associated with them; since each level is graphically distinct. Some 2D artist aren't
particularly great with Graphical-User Interfaces, so perhaps a graphics designer could fill in and complement that. A graphics designer working with us on this project would also be responsible for redesigning the main menu, company logo, game logos, etc.

Team structure:
So far we have a programmer, a game designer and a music composer. With a 2D artist and a graphics designer we'll be able to complete the project.

Main Menu:

Old Design(1st World):

New GUI Design(2nd World):

E-mail :

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