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I am in the process of learning some programming; however, my strength is in design. I have a potential client that is wanting to contract me to design a few websites for them.

The client is an outsourced customer service company who has home-based employees throughout the United States and in the Phillipines.

1) They have asked me to design new niche marketing sites for them; which, automatically detect and reroute visitors to the site that most closely matches their industry. One way, I thought I may be able to do this is to have a script that detects network connection/isp looking for .edu for example---which would direct them to an education page. Also, static websites would be listed on the search engine with terms that match their field, ultimately making this company seem to specialize in that one industry.

I hope the above made sense.

2) Secondly, they would like (and this is the big one)... a site designed where their employees---who again are homebased employees---- can get to know the other employees in the company. View Human Resources/Company News and Information, and have have profiles and communication tools.

This is being done in order to build a sense of community in their company, and define a culture.

Basically, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to work with my designs to create a backend. Coding, Scripting, PHP, SQL, etc. Whatever is necessary to keep the site functional and somewhat self-maintained. This should be an interactive site, where users can post comments, chat, view profiles and add other users to a list of preferred members. This should also be a secure site with passwords, limits on content size (ie, picture size, page size, etc.) and filtering of content that may be obscene or inappropriate.

It should have an employee list that is maintained through a database, and administrative tools to delete members who have violated company policy through the website and those who have been terminated. I am assuming that a database containing a list of all employee's names for each company could be utilized, and the company could be responsible for updating and maintaining this list?

This site will be rented to the customer, and it is my goal to add other businesses to this site and eventually sell ad space. So, this is where payment for your services comes in. My budget is relatively small at this point; however, I'd be willing to pay someone to do this. The amount I will be able to pay is not definite at this point, as the client has not made an offer yet.

I believe with enough time, I would be able to do all of this; however, I may not have time to design, learn and implement all of these things. I know there are those of you out there with loads of experience in this area, and you may be able to help get this project off the ground.

I would require a resume with references, although, I trust there aren't people on this forum just lurking around because they find the content so extremely entertaining. This is a very important project, and the person chosen must fit the qualifications and have some work background, so I know I am making the right decision.

If you are interested, send your resume to:

Please include your resume, along with references and expected pay.

Brady Mills

*No phone calls please.*

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