JOB OFFER: CGI integration.

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I posted this in the regular coding section, but as I am willing to pay the person who helps me with this, I thought it better to post it here as well.

I am working on a website for a client. The program is an automatic referral system... so in essence- anyone who signs up for the program is given their own unique url to the site- so that whenever they send anyone through their url, they get referral credit.

The main site was written in .shtml.. with some parts in html... and a massive .cgi program to run the nuts and bolts of the site.... I thought I had worked around the worst of the coding by using iframes to display the cgi contents on some pages (example- the login area works by using an iframe- and once logged in- the whole member's admin area shows up within the iframe on the same page)...

The problem comes when I try to decipher how to run this program so that each person Really does get their own "unique" version of the site.... The main.shtml has a refer check function, that if is present, applies the info- but it draws from the index.html (somehow? I think?)

This is where I am stumped.

The content and design is pretty much complete.... I just need help plugging in the code to make the site function.


I'm willing to pay up to $60 for this job. For the person who understands what this is, the job will be very very easy... I'm just not that person.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

how you generate an unique url for each logged in user? And what is the language you are using in those cgi?

Ma be I can help you... mail me if you want: ""

regards, roca.

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