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I have one webpage that needs to be re-written. It is currently

It is written in a language called "witango" and I would like to change this. PHP would be preferred I think

EDIT: the webpage will have to be dynamic, as a large portion of the information is saved in a database (currently MS SQL), and a large amount of player info will be saved in an access database. If possible, I would like to have code written to transfer the information from the access database to a my sql database in a format to be displayed by members based on registration information

Below is a list of very important items we're requiring for the site:

Security - There must be different levels of access for each registered user and pages hidden from members but not hidden from admin's. We will have the basic registered user, along with various tiers of access granted depending on what "department" a user is involved in. IE, the executive director would have access to edit the entire page, be able to grant and remove access to others as would the webpage admin.
There will be people in finance who will have access to the registered user list, to find out who has registered and if possible run reports on the amount of registered/paying members. The people in logistics should have access to those who have pre-registered for any specific event, etc etc

Cost - We are a non profit organization, so we are on a budget - I would say we can spend 300 - 500 dollars for the creation of this page. I will be having a meeting with the other board members this week to discuss new items, and will get more information if people are interested in the job.

Useability - We would like the page to retain it's basic layout so as not to confuse the members too much. This page has been pretty much unchanged for 5 years, and we want to build a new website that will last another 5 years

Please send me an email if you are interested or for more information: harryDOTrDOTwilsonATgmailDOTcom
or a PM

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