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Hello World:
Our company is about to launch around mid-May a breakthrough publishing and browsing platform, based on a patented UI technology, called XCruiser.

XCruiser is a rich Internet application (RIA) written in C# that runs on top of the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 and DirectX. Our business model is SaaS, and we’re targeting the creative market, storefronts and Consumer Generated Media. [And yes it's also about Flash]

XCruiser is a new way to create and navigate rich content. Users will be able to publish to the Internet PhotoStreams, WebStreams and ShoppStreams.

XCruiser is a highly visual technology and as is common with visual technology, words can only do so much in conveying what it does, how it works, and its hypnotic experience.

What we can tell you in a public forum:

• Users can navigate in parallel through 3D content channels, at rates that reach 120 to 200 images per minute, unbeknownst to users. It’s very comfortable and very fast. Of course, users can cruise leisurely at a slower rate if they wish.

• Users can cruise through different categories or even content sources simultaneously.

• The net result of its publishing and navigation abilities is that it effectively offers the first Desktop “Media Search Engine Builder” and “Live Presentation” platform. Add media search and in-site search technology to the picture.

What’s the Project:

We need to get a Flash based widget out the door quickly after our launch date. The Flash widget needs to match the “cruising experience” of the RIA client. The Flash widget does not need to offer editing, creating and publishing capability, so it will be limited to XCruiser 1.0’s navigation features.

We believe XCruiser has a bright future ahead. The Flash widget obviously plays a strategic role as it offers viral exposure and lets some of our SMB customers syndicate their XCruiser streams on web pages or even social networks (Facebook/MySpace etc). Unlike a lot of get rich quick start-up schemes, we ‘re in it for the long run and are patent protected. This is important because if you invest your time, you know that the company’s technologies cannot be duplicated by copycats.

Our technology was endorsed as a foundation platform by Dan Lynch, a big fish in Silicon Valley who was one of the instrumental key figures during the days of DARPANET along with Vint Cerf, Doug Englebart and Alan Kay (mouse and GUI inventors respectively). Because it’s a foundation platform, XCruiser can deliver many applications.

What’s In It For You:

You’d be coming in pretty early in the game and this is a short time span development project of 90 days.

This is a great opportunity for a talented developer to take a generous co-founder equity position in a start-up for very little work time. The candidate does not need to commit 1 or 2 years of his/her life. Plus, this is very interesting work and once you see it you’ll understand that this technology will quickly become visible, even more so with the Flash widget. You also stand to enhance your reputation significantly. Ideally, we’d rather you continue working with us over the long term but that’s entirely up to you. The primary objective is to get the Flash widget out the door.

What Are We Looking For:

A Creative minded Web Developer who knows Java Script/Flash and Flash 3D and also has experience with XML. You anticipate being free for the next 4 or 6 months.

Technical Skills:
o Determined Flash problem-solver
o 1 year or > Flash ActionScript 2.0, XML, Javascript, and AJAX
o XML with CSS experience
Flash integration with back-end technologies (ASP, Cold Fusion), experience with Flashremoting helpful
Strong design sense, proficient with CS (Creative Suite) Web Development Suite
o Familiarity JavaScript/DOM Scripting
o Web services

Great, What’s Next:

If you’re interested and think you fit the profile, get in touch with Ken at

1. Send us your resume plus a portfolio and/or examples of your work.
2. We’ll send you a standard NDA
3. We’ll send you the XCruiser RIA Beta to play with.
4. If you like what you see and you know you have the skill set to deliver a working flash version quickly and are interested in this unique opportunity, we can work with you if you're anywhere in the continental US or Canada or the UK.

We will consider a Flash developer located elsewhere provided your talent stands-out.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

This is a great opportunity for a talented developer to take a generous co-founder equity position in a start-up for very little work time.
You anticipate being free for the next 4 or 6 months.

Just to clarify, your looking for a Flash developer for full time approximately 4 to 6 months in exchange for company equity and no monetary compensation? May I ask what your revenue model is (just general terms)?

As a potential candidate I'm leery of full equity trade projects since hopes and dreams won't pay the mortgage. I've seen way too many companies with good ideas who DID NOT get bought by Google.
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Post 3+ Months Ago


You re right in the sense that pre Web 2.0 (til 2002), when the WWW was still in its infancy, companies, large or small were trying to figure out what business models could work while the user base was learning about interactivity in general. So the risks were considerably higher.

Today, a winning business model pionnered and prooven by Google, shows that a wide range of applications can be ad supported. The second winning model is subscription based (you can also call it rent - Ex: NetSuite/

Our biz model is therefore subsctiption based with ad supported for the free users. However, we're hitting both consumers AND Small-to-Mid Size businesses. We may gravitate more towards the enterprise depending on how the consumer bet develops. That means we're not putting all our eggs in one basket.

We'll also follow other prooven "coralling" techniques. Free users don t get access to Metric Reports, for instance.

Additionally, it's a great time to launch a "unique" and proprietary technology. Infrastructure costs can be gotten for a song (AWS, Joyent, Google App Engine as of early this week!). We've structured so we don t need to get a capital injection. Plus, there are 200 million users in the US and another 200 million in the EU, not counting Japan with high disposable incomes. Another 300 million in emerging markets with lower disposable incomes. It's not 1999 anymore.

As far as full-time, it depends. Right now we don t have Flash and ActionScript expertise in house. So we think it s a 90 days job, moonlighting or otherwise. As the Flash pro, you ll be able to better evaluate what s involved in replicating SynCruiser's navigation features for a web based widget. Maybe it's just 60 days!

But to correctly evaluate you'd have to see what SynCruiser is, else, it's all academic, isn't it? :)

What SynCruiser offers, we believe is very unique. And customers will only have one "provider" to go to. And we can carry lots of different applications for different mkt segments.

Best Regards,

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