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Hey! I'm looking for 1 highly skilled coder to take care of two games I'm involved in making. The more experience with games you have, the better.

Game 1, is an adventure game. The engine is almost completely done by our last coder(the ability to work with someone elses work puts you up a notch) but there are a few minor bugs and things left to do(character gets stuck on furniture when walking around the room, and add a save load function, etc). My understanding is that after that all that is left is setting up the characters in each room of the game(16 rooms in total). All the animations are complete and you will have access to the animator(me) and the creator at all times(unless I'm sleeping) in case of any problems. The job pays 650 Euro with a bonus of 150 Euro if you can complete it in a month. The sooner you get back to me the better. This game will be sold online upon completion and if it sells well we will begin work on episode 2 soon. Check out the site for this game at

Game 2, is a simple balancing game. I'm still talking with the client over details of the game so for now it's just a rough idea of balancing objects on several different terrains(easy - flat, hard - round or bumpy, etc). I'm lookin for a price quote on this right now so I have an idea of what to relay to the client. I know it's early to ask for that, but a rough estimate would help me alot.

I'm hoping to find one awesome all-around coder who can handle both gigs. I'd prefer that you email me some examples of your work and a price estimate on the second job(dave.rigley at gmail dot com). I'll be checking in this thread periodically but I'd prefer an email response. You can also get a hold of me on MSN messenger at twenty_four_the_comic at hotmail dot com

Hope to talk to you soon! :D

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Hello twentyfour!

I've just sent you an email. Please read and I hope you will consider my proposal.



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