JOB OFFER: Flash Programer to Help Me with one project

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I am doing a project and am stuck, I need some programing help and web design help. The site I am working on is at

Following is a description of what I need:

Dynamic Text Field
On the home page I would like the Text field in the center of the window (on Pages 2 frame 1) to change as users click on the buttons located below the window (on Pages 3 frame 1).

Scroll Bar
I also would like the text field to have a scroll bar next to it. I have done scroll arrows that work but I would like a bar.

Popup text/image in flash
I would like it so that if a user clicks on a button flash creates a text field on the screen , so it looks like a popup but is not blocked by browsers. Also the same if they click on a picture , the picture enlarges. These should have a close or X button on them so the user can make them go away.

Fix the contact Form and make it work
I would like the contact form to work in Netscape, the cursor does not tab from field to field correctly it goes off page to the main buttons. It does work in IE. Also I would like the code to have the form send an email to me. The site is parked at Powweb.

This could be done either in my site with good coding notation or as a flash movie showing me how to do it.

After I finish the site I would like to have it converted to HTML and then create an opening page that lets a user choose flash or html. I would send the site when finished to get a bid on doing this.

Please respond if you can help me with approx how much it would cost.

Chris McCall
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Please see PMB for more information, Thanks HM Design.

web :

contact :

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