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Hello friends,

As my title states,
I wish to rent a signature link and if you have a high-ratio of posting in the current forum you are more than welcomed.
So, here we go.

If you are keen on getting regularly paid for keeping a signature you might be interested in the shown section bellow.
The Term of doing business is negotiable, since this is an online connection between Me and You, so basically we talk trust and professionalism.

My basic requirements for the signature link are:

1. Active forum member with minimum 5-10 posts a day
2. At least 300 Posts to your name so far

So, a reasonable and earthy price quotes, please![/FONT]

If the above doesn't suits you, I might say don't even enter the competition. I'm sorry for the rough words but we want quality rather than fake glamour!
Also, if you are very active in other forums in the following topics, I will be interested too:

1. Web & Graphic Design, SEO, Programming, Web Hosting related forums
2. Internet Business, Networking, Security related forums
3. Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, IT Development related forums
4. Hardware, Software, General IT forums, Web Support related forums

Your mission equals to an extra hand for our jump-off, so please simply naturally participate the forums and as much as you can!

Generally, if you are passionate about being professional in what you do, you can earn while participating your favourite forums you already enjoy every day.
So, it is up to you! I will monitor every each of the hired ones and if I see any violation(like spamming the boards, referring to bots, or using a blackhat) our commitment will immediately terminated and you'll be officially publicly reported/revealed!
We need love, but hate!

Thank you!

P.S. I will keep in private the person(-s), I hired. This is due my personal preference and meanwhile keeping his/her organic attitude to the related forum(-s).

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