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I am looking for anyone that could help develop a new project I am setting up. I would like to set up a 24 hour streaming radio station online. I want to create a radio panel that other people can put on their websites by adding a bit of code. The radio panel would be like a radio player / console that shows the current song playing and the length of the song and the option to buy the song.

There will also be an online shop where all the songs will be stored and this will be where the radio (panel) gets its songs from. So the shop is linked to the radio console very closely and the radio panel gives the option for listeners to buy the song by clicking for example a buy now icon on the radio panel / player. At which point they will be directed to the shop. And have the ability to listen to the songs streaming within the shop and than eventually buy the particualr song in various options such as mp3 and vinyl and or cd?

Is there anyone that could help, advise, work on, or possibly point me in the right direction for asking the above information. Also am I asking for somethng that would take alot of time?

Hope someone can help

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