JOB OFFER: New Web Site , using dreamweaver for windows

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I am in need of web designer for a domain name I already have gotten via lunar pages with 2 years of hosting paid.
I am looking at a web site that will allow registered users to upload documents and photos if necessary to their own personal area. Something they can let other members if they choose to log into to view.
I am in limted budget say 500.00 to get it built.
some one else mentioned this to be a cms style site. when I google that it says could cost 1000.00/month to run, loo HA I dont have that kind of money so site may need to be small registration fee only. and or free like myspace and I try to make money with advertising.
a forum or blog would be nice to include.
If website was a success like google and myspace then later down the road I could maybe turn it into cms or whatever.
I am newbie at this so please bare with me.

Hey thanks.. I have a web site I want built. I already have domain name and it is hosted on lunar pages for 2 years..paid for already. My questions are
1) I need to hire someone to build site and then teach me how to manipulate it myself.
2) cost for this
3) is a contract needed
4) copyright in my name of course
5) if web site was a success at some stage I could compensate .
because I would be generous like that.
6) is a DBA needed for website business?
7) how do I hire a web designer and protect my site at same time,lol
I mean you have to give them the log in information right?
so then they see all your personal info ,like address, phone numbers...etc...
thanks in advance!
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just new in this area, so sorry if my questions seem stupid
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PM sent..
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I sent a PM. If for some reason you don't receive it,

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