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Hello to administrators/editors of any news portal/website/blog.
I started a web project by my own and I need some publicity right now. So I'm offering material for the article on your news portal/blog.
I cannot pay you, that's why I'm doing this. I think that my project is unique, interesting, different and news-worthy.

Basically, I'm planning to sell 1 000 000 kilobytes, each 1$, and earn million dollars.
Idea is simple, I allow everyone to upload their file, which must be safe, and I charge 1$ for each uploaded kilobyte.

File must be safe, it could be any file extension that isn't harmful. Even if your software is too big, you could maybe upload HTML file that redirects people to your software or HTML file that describe your software... Use your imagination...

Goal? Opportunity for everybody who wants to advertise their file, software, image or anything else. I'm hoping big success so it could help you to represent your product and to put the spotlight on it.

website: onebillionbytes . com
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Post 3+ Months Ago

This just screams spam but i think i am just trying to understand your $1 per kb business plan now i can get 3gig of space and 20 gig of bandwidth for $1 now compare to your price plan.

So the next question would be Why should i pay you for a service that photobucket and imagehost does the same service for free but gives you limits on the service with advertising and premium membership for bigger accounts.

Now next thought would be apart form the business plan that could use some work, what makes you so special from these bigger company's. If i was to help you right now what would i get.

Also if your a new site on trail why are you charging, a smarter move would be to give everything for free and build a reputation and then charge them and then you would have a client base set and instant return in a long term investment view.


Just to reinforce, as i love this question in development............ "Why" as in "Why should i give you money for a service that i may not use and could get free else where.

I am just asking some serious questions to get a better understanding :) also i am sure there is a better section for this post apart form the job board.

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