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Forumer Base - PC Support, Discussion & Advice

Join Our Team !

Welcome to the latest Forumer Base promotion. We are currently looking for 2 talented staff members to help moderate the forums. First you will need to know a little about the site, here goes. Forumer BAse was first opened in 2006, back then little was done to maintain the site and it soon closed, earlier this year it was also re-opened, however due to a lack of commitment it also closed. Now Forumer Base is back in business. It has just had a professional makeover and existing features have been updated. Within the last week the forum has had a new theme installed, updated software, new sections added and re-arranged. We have also just started a Google campaign so the site is going to become quite large within a few months.

We are not just relying on Google either we are promoting our site through new methods such as video tutorials on youtube, other web forums, and other paid advertising. We need 2 comitted staff members of whom will be able to moderate the forum. It will also be your responsibility to market the site through other forums etc and to post. We are attempting to create a website which provides real support to our members because so many other websites take too long or provide the wrong kind of information. Our information will be accurate and researched and aimed towards actually helping the user.

So as you can see we are currently a small site looking to rapidly expand. The next year is the most important and will be focussed on getting new traffic and as many articles written as possible.

The best thing is that you will be paid to moderate the forum. Yes paid. So many other forums don't bother and this is wrong of them to expect members to do moderation work for free. In the beginning you will be paid $5.00 Per Month. This doesn't sound like much, however we will be looking to increase the amount in the near future as the website grows. So if you would like to join a winning support website then please visit All applicants are welcome. You will need to post within the thread located at ( Just a few simple details about yourself and away we go. Moderators will be selected as of Friday 8th September 2007.

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