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We need a mall built. All the requirements are listed below. The budget for this project is limited. Lowest quote is currently at $1500USD. MUST have a portfolio of work and be experienced in PHP and mySQL.

---Mall Requirements---

First the mall must be able to connect to paypal. All vendors who sign up must be able to use a credit card or paypal to pay for their montly rent as well as to recieve payment for items/products. There will be the Mall itself, with several stores within it, each with it's own admin area and almost a seperate entity in itself.

The mall will have a main mall area. This page will have all the different mall areas/categories listed and when each category is clicked will display all the stores listed under that category. I.E. Food, Clothing, Bath and Body etc. I Would prefer for a vendor to choose the categorey or multiple categories that their store falls under and it will be displayed in those categories. There must be a vendor login area for vendors to sign in and access the back admin area of THIER STORE ONLY. Customers can also do a search for items in the main mall area and it will display the stores that carry what they are looking for. However, if the customer is inside a store and the customer does a search, the script will only search the store "shelves" not the whole mall. There must be a register area where a potential vendor can sign up for a store. The store must be admin approved before it is active.

VENDORS HAVE THEIR OWN ADMINISTRATION AREA. The mall will be able to accept both USD payments and/or CREDIT payments. The Vendor must have the option in their back area to set the percentge OR number of the credits they will accept for either the TOTAL COMPLETED ORDER...or per product. The vendor must have a paypal account. When they set up their store, they need to be able to set their paypal account to be paid as well as a valid email address that the order is sent to as paypal only records the amount charged but not the products purchased. Vendor must be able to upload photos of products, set the price of item, and also set the CREDIT amount OR CREDIT percentage they will take for item. THE CREDIT PORTION CAN BE LEFT BLANK and the vendor can instead choose to set the CREDIT amount OR CREDIT percentage to go toward the total order. Vendor does not have to accept credits and can choose this option in their admin area. If vendor chooses NOT to accept CREDITS, the option will NOT be available for the customer when they checkout. Vendor can set name of the store, which will be displayed in demonstrated places on the template. Vendor can add categories for sorting item/products and move, edit, upgrade products at their discretion. Basically the vendor has complete control over the behaviors of the store. IF it is possible they may change the store design by entering their own HTML code from their admin area. THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT AND DOES NOT NEED TO BE IMPLENTED.

Customers may either register and have an account on file with their info already stored. Name, Email, Mailing address, Shipping address and paypal account or credit card # etc. When a returning customer who is registered with the mall logs in to make their purchase the fields will be filled in automatically from their stored data. Customer may also have the option of not registering but checking out as a guest. Customers must recieve an email with the items in their order listed as well as the total they will be charged. Upon Checkout of a vendors store, there wil be the option to pay a portion (percentage or set amount set by vendor) of their order in CREDITS. If they choose yes, they will then be directed to a page that has them enter their World Bank account number and the amount of credits they wish to pay.


Upon submitting, the store will automatically connect with the World Bank, and transfer the credits. 1% of the credits will be sent to the World Bank Account of the Mall Admin. Bank will also charge the transfer fee. Remaining credits are sent to the vendors World Bank account. The customer meanwhile is directed to their final checkout page. Here they enter their information as a guest customer or login. THey then enter or double check their information and submit the REMAINING BALANCE in USD to the vendors PayPal account. So if the customers total order is $20. They choose to pay 10 CREDITS, the amount they pay in USD will be $10 USD. following the 1 CREDIT for 1 USD conversion. OR their total order is $20 and they pay 2% of that in credits. Their USD transaction will then be $19.60. Upon choosing submit they are taken to PayPal to complete their order. At this time they are also emailed a reciept. The store owner also recieves the same reciept so they know what the customer purchased and sent it out.

THERE WILL BE A PROFIT PERCENTAGE CHARGED TO THE VENDOR. As stated earlier the profit percentage charged for CREDIT transactions is 1%. The Mall Admin can change this at will from the administration area. USD transactions will also be charged a profit percentage, however, the amount must be allowed to build up so as not to cause huge profit losses from paypal. Thusly, when a purchase is made in USD, the Mall will take calculate say 3% (admin must be able to change this percentage at will) of the FINAL USD order and keep a running total for the administrator to view for each vendor. When a set amount is reached (admin must be able to set amount at will) say $30 USD, the admin recieves a notice that the vendor owes $30 in profit percentage. The vendor also recieves a notive via email that they owe $30 in profit percentage and that it must be payed within 24-48 hrs. Once the admin has recieved the payment, he/she will enter the amount payed in the admin backend area, and the counter resets itself. If the amount is say $30.65, the admin will only charge the vendor $30, enter that the vendor has been charged $30 click update and the counter will reset starting however with $0.65.

WORLD MALL ADMININSTRATOR HAS TOTAL CONTROL. The mall administrator must be able to access the admin area of each store and make any changes that he/she feels is necessarry. Admin must approve a store before it is setup. Admin must be able to delete stores. Admin must be able to place a store in suspend, this makes it unavailable to anyone but the admin until released. Admin must be able to set the profit percentage charged for USD as well as CREDITS. Admin must be able to set the amount charged for montly rent. Mall must keep track of the date a vendor registered for a store, and notify admin when rent is due. Also sends the vendor an email with notification of rent being due and must be done within 24-48 hrs. Once admin recives paymet, he/she checks in mall admin area that rent has been paid, and the clock resets, counting down 30 days.

These are the main things that MUST be integrated into the Mall. Some Updates or changes may be forthcoming. At this time however this is pretty much it.

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