JOB OFFER: PHP Programmer/Possible Web Designer

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Wanted: PHP Programmer capable of creating an elaborate Content Management System and the MySQL databases applicable to which an entire media website will be built around. Applicant may tackle our needs in any fashion they desire (they may program from scratch, they may employ pre-packaged CMS scripts, or they may re-tool old code we can provide) so long as they can achieve the various functions we require in an efficient manner. Applicant will not be required to maintain this CMS or any part of the site after its initial creation though the possibility of future work may arise.

We are a very small company comprised of a large portion of the staff (COO, Content Manager, Editor-In-Chief, Staff Coordinator, Press Agent, and multiple writers) involved with a now inactive website of similar design. We have big ideas, but need someone who can provide results in a timely fashion.

Goals will include but are not limited to:
-Making front page lists, content, and blog-esque entries alterable from backend CMS and our webhost's MySQL control panel.
-Making several news and RSS feeds that are again attached to the CMS and will automatically update when new content is added.
-Making the addition of items to several different databases (written articles, merchandise, article subjects) easy for our staff who have access with a good WYSIWYG interface and making the corresponding editorial process by our editors and approval to appear on the user-end streamlined.
-Making various site statistics appear in the CMS for staff to see.
-Linking membership and groups in our phpbb forum correspond to groups and permissions for access to various parts of the website.

A great many more details can be provided for those who are interested in the job.

I know the very basic ins and outs of site building and know that compensation for such a task is very much deserved (it's been difficult to find people even willing to deal with PHP/MySQL in the local area) but I also know larger web development companies tend to horrendously overcharge and we are, again, a fledgling company. We hope to discuss with applicants their qualifications, timelines, and what they think such a job would entail paywise and hopefully settle on an agreement when we find the right person for the job.

Location does not matter. Our staff is all around the globe and we have no problem discussing matters via email, AIM, Skype, or telephone. If you are local to the Raleigh, NC area though, that is where myself and the other primary owner of the site are based.

If you are interested, send resume/portfolio/questions to:
or contact me by telephone at: 919-266-7755

Ray Bonilla
Secondary Offer:
We have several volunteers working on basic site design and web graphics for our site, but volunteers, God love 'em, are easily distracted creatures so if you have a penchant for basic design or art you may also send in applications (they will only be reviewed after a PHP programmer has been found and PHP programming applicants who are interested in design/art as well will be considered first).

We have mockups and concepts and some base work to build off of and are looking for people capable of enthusiasm and creativity with knowledge of flash, java, HTML, and various graphic programs with an ability to be given rough aesthetic and technical ideas and execute them using their own expertise and imagination and capable of then discussing the pros and cons of work delivered at that point.

Features needed (and here the line between basic design and PHP programming blurs for me):
-Several flash images, one triggered by first time visitors and affecting the whole front page and others that change based on statistics and content provided by our staff.
-Search engine
-Expanding menus
-Efficient image pool
-Built in media player
-And (this is a big one) a skinnable website similar to the way phpbb forums can be skinned.

Again, details will be provided for interested applicants and resumes/portfolios/questions can be sent to:
or I can be contacted by phone at 919-266-7755

Ray Bonilla

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