JOB OFFER: C++ programmer, Aazero - Samwise Division

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We want to let You know, that in cooperation with Aazero Interactive ( we (Samwise Interactive) started a new project, code-named 'Post-Planes'. It will be an arcade game in a post apocaliptical world. However we`re looking for a Lead Programmer.

If you`re interested, take a look at this list,
What you should know:

+ Experience with 3d engines, it would be nice if you have your own
+ Experience with Torque Game Engine
+ C++ Literacy
+ Free Time
+ Willing to learn new things
+ nice if you know OpenGl/DirectX
+ Some experience in game projects
+ Teamwork ability
+ Know how to efficiently manage time and people
+ Creativity

What do we offer?
Mainly working in a dynamic expanding team, which gives an oppurtunity to gain lots of new experience. For now, we are just an amateur game development team, but we have a chance to enter the commercial market.
Letters of apply with some expamples of your skills send to: .
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Is this a payed position?
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I`m sorry to say, but it isn`t. As I said for now it`s non-profit work. It can change in close future, so if You have some free time. like computer games and You would like to make one, which then have chances on commercial market. Join us!

Now the only things we can offer are:
team of great people, who know their work,
the experience.
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SOrry but this forum is only for PAYED jobs.

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