JOB OFFER: Project Managers for 250+ Sites

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Position: Project Manager

Company Website:

Job Description:
I’m looking to hire some good PROJECT MANAGERS. I currently have one, but due to the fact that my projects are moving too slowly (I want to launch 250 sites by August, yes, of this year!) for my own good.

Have the following skills:

* Good verbal skills (be able to hold a normal conversation on AIM too please)
* Have AIM to keep in constant contact with me
* Have a fairly good understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP and design work and programs
* Have good standing contacts with coders, programmers and designers.
* Be able to make decisions without consulting me (hopefully they’ll be the right ones!)
* Work well under pressure
* Be willing to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
* Create no BS project ETA’s — schedules from start to finish
* Be loyal and trustworthy

I don’t think those are such bad terms to be hired. Comment to this post with your email address or AIM screen name for a quick interview. Be ready to show me your sites or projects you’ve managed. If you have any references to verify your claims or to prove what you’ve done in the past, please have those ready.

I’ll be posting this on other forums, as I need these spots filled asap. If you know of someone who would be good for the gig, let them know too.

ALL apprentices will be in direct contact with me and will receive affiliate/webmaster/marketing training.
* You'll learn things that you've read about on forums but had no idea how to get into or start.
* You'll learn hands on how to work under pressure, and meet deadlines.
* If you own sites, we'll go over methods that you can apply that will in turn generate more traffic and higher revenue for you.

** Age, gender, and race are of no importance, and it always helps to have a sense of humor too. **

UPDATE 4/10: 3 of my 8 spots have been filled already. I am lagging on the responses due to an overwhelming amount of them, but I can assure you, I will read and respond to every single one of them.

Salary/Contract Amount: $55,000+/yr

Contact Name: Jon

Contact Email:

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