JOB OFFER: Script Writers Wanted! (Java, CSS, php.etc.)

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Currently in need of two customizable scripts as follows (if the scripts are done well with a quick turnaround, you can count on us using you again very soon! :) ):

1. Ticker Tape/Scrolling message -

Need a basic ticker tape script with the following elements customizable: Height, width, background color, text color and font, speed, and, of course, the message. Please tag these elements in the following manner: {@height@}, {@bgcolor@}, etc.

2. Viral Marketing Page -

Slightly more complicated than the ticker tape, but no too much. Humor me as I describe what I need in this way with the customizable elements highlighted (elements must be tagged as described above):

A visitor to your site is led to a page you have set up for viral marketing purposes. On this page, the visitor, reads a sneak preview of a special report they are interested in. In order for them to access the special report they must enter their first and last name, their email address and the first names and email addresses of three friends. Once your visitor submits the emails (button text customizable), their friends are sent an email from your visitor, with a predetirmined subject and message with a link to the same viral marketing page. The special report is then revealed to your visitor and you are sent an email to the email address of your choosing with this visitor's name and email address.

Of course, your input and ideas are important. If you have a simpler, more efficient way of creating this page, please discuss it with me. We're not looking for anything "fancy-shmancy," just simple and basic.

I will accept bids on this project. Submit bids to me privately thru this forum or personally at If you include a phone number where I may reach you, I'd be happy to discuss in further detail this project in case there is any confusion related to this post.

In your bid, compensation may include a prominent link back to your website, or email address, or wherever you want. This should help in driving traffic back to your own site.

*This is not a bidding requirement, but one way to make the bidding and acceptance process more efficient and increase your chances of being hired is to include along with your bid the script itself or a link to where the code you created may be viewed. "Try before you buy" type of deal. If I like what I see and I'm able to test out the code myself, you will be paid immediately thru pay-pal or the online merchant account of your choice. If your script is not chosen, you will have to accept on good faith that I have properly disposed of the code you sent and will not use it in any way, shape or form.

Remember, impress me with this job and the opportunity for future work could be available! :D (Everything contingent on the success of version 1.0)

Justin Young

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