JOB OFFER: Temp Webmaster/Mistress Wanted.

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Hey fellow master/mistress!

I run a few sites with double Opt-In members. They receive newsletters for cash. (PTR/PFA sites, if you may)

I have to leave my regular life for a few months, but dont want to leave my members because of this. (not going to jail)

I am looking for a honest webmaster with some asp/php knowledge to cover me while I'm away. (asp-MDB knowledge is prefered)

The basic tasks is actually to send out paid emails to our members and to double check the origin of any new sign-ups. (max 2 hour work per 24 hrs.)
Last 2 weeks I did like 10 minutes a day... so its not too much work... Depends if theres any campaigns running, and I'm not planning to do any when I leave.

What I can offer!;
Is what I get...
94% of the income goes to members, the rest will be yours.
(we actually do have members that donate cash to the sites, this will of course go to you as well.)

When it comes to Payouts to members;
They know I will be away, and they know why I'm off for a few.
Sites are at least 4 years old, and we never missed anything.

I prefer a webmaster with a PayPal account (so I can pay you directly), but any scandinavian without PP will do too. (bank overføring)

Any questions or interested?
Write me an email to
(norwegian, swedish or danish? write in your own language)

TY for your time. and happy holidays

(this offer will expire January 3rd 2006)

Best Regards,
Rune Mogerhagen

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Post 3+ Months Ago

What languages are your site using?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

moskus wrote:
Any questions or interested?
Write me an email to
(norwegian, swedish or danish? write in your own language)

Please do as moskus stated. If you have any questions e-mail him.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Typically speaking, questions in the topic are OK as long as they are related to the position and would be of benefit to everyone.

More personal conversations about the position should as Grinch says, be done in private messages or email.


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