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Hello Eager Young Webmasters and Graphic Designers!

SearchAnyway is looking to launch a series of vertical search portals designed to bring targeted, relevant results to the Internet community. We have a sophisticated search feed, a potent algorithm, loads of affiliates and advertisers and tons of know-how. All we need now are the designers – that’s where you guys come in.

Talented student or freelance designers.

A vertical search engine design contest for 6 different categories. The verticals (along with their URLs) can be found at the end of this post.

Pick one or more domain names from the vertical category list, and submit your design to us. For example, if you want to design a vertical search engine for “Cars”, you could choose the domain “SEEKAUTO.US” and design an appropriate template. Create as many designs as you like for each domain name in each vertical category list.

Contest is open from July 5-July 16.

For a cash prize of $30 per winning template for the available domain name. With 6 categories and 13 domain names in total, there’s a potential total cash prize of $390! Additionally, there is the possibility of doing contract-based work with us in the future.

Send all designs and any questions you may have at Chris at

We’ve been tossing our egos around in the office and have come up with some pretty good ideas, but what we’d really like is something outside our corporate box.

We need fresh, young minds to show us their original designs for all our domains and categories. We’ll offer $30 per winning template, so you have the potential to earn $390 for the entire package! In fact, if we really like your work, we’ll be sure to remember you for our next contract-based assignment and future projects which have a much higher earning potential.

Here’s an extremely low-brow example of what I’m talking about:
Seen it? Pretty ordinary isn’t it. Basically, we don’t want it to be basic. Goodbye simple Google interface, hello fancy Vertical Search.

What we’re looking for are Search Engine designs that fit the vertical they’re made for, and all of this with a Web 2.0 twist. An RSS feed? A list of popular and related searches in other media? User accounts that track one’s search history and can make personalized suggestions? We can do all this and more – we just need it to look pretty.

Here are the 6 vertical search categories we need designs for, along with their future URLs:







You can use keywords, images, logos, anything to enhance the user’s experience and emphasize the particular vertical category.

Pick 1 domain or pick them all, it’s entirely up to you. Send us your design(s) by July 16th to and we’ll contact the winner with his/her prize!

So you know we’re on the level, here’s some info on the company. SearchAnyway is a PPC search engine that delivers sponsored search results to Internet users and targeted web traffic to our advertisers. We have been in operation for almost a decade and have earned a solid reputation for integrity and high performance. Check out our blogto get a feel of what kind of stuff we do and to learn more about us. Actually, what you should really do is Google us – you’ll see we’re not just some fly-by-night operation but are truly a group of dedicated professionals who are trying to carve our own niche in Search Engine Marketing.

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