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I would like to run a web design contest. Here's the information:

I am waiting to launch but I need a new look for the website. What you see on the webpage now is the default template for the script. It is a good amount of work for me to edit how things are arrange, such as if I wanted to move the navigation to another part of the webpage. So I am really looking for a new color scheme and top image/logo for the website. However, if you want to mess with the template of the script because you want to rearrange the entire website then go for it.

I have no color scheme in mind. However, for the logo/top image I would like for there to be two created characters that are speaking to another and in a bubble one of them would be saying "Tell The Net" or something like that. It would be like someone is telling another guy about the website.

The confessions market isn't huge, big, large or anything. 97% of them receive little to no traffic and don't make much money but I feel like this is something I have to do. Why? I don't know. But I just have that feeling ever since i saw which was for sale. I was going to purchase that website but wasn't too big of a fan of how it look. We both have the same backend.

You can contact me at or reply to thread with the price (I don't pay by the hour) and a sample of the web design. Of course you will watermark the design so that I cannot duplicate it, which I won't do cause if I could I would just make the design myself lol. I will select the best web design.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I moved this here (rather than "request a competition" thread) as it is more or less a job offer.

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