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A position as web designer has opened in a private company which mainly is producing online videos/DVD, web pages and artistic modelling photographs. We produce multimedia products both for customers and for our own web pages. As of now we are working with the following web market segments:

1. Modelling photography.

2. Girls in sports. So if you like martial arts (for example judo and karate), volleyball, basketball, football and athletics sports you would suit well in our team.

We have had successful launches within the first two markets segments and are now going to add the following segments to our strategic core: (separated by company):

1. Sport magazine

2. Fine art/glamour

3. Adult entertainment

We have very good ideas for “how to”, however, we miss one crucial part to be able to take the steps fully into these market segments, and that is a GIFTED web designer.

REQUIREMENTS: You MASTER dream weaver with associated software (for instance Flash, Photoshop) and you have basic knowledge of code writing (for instance PHP, HTML/XHTML, CSS, ASP, SQL and JAVA). Of course, you do not have to be a perfect coder, when we contact a coder, but basic coding knowledge is necessary. If you know how to edit video is that a plus, for example Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas. If you lack skills in video editing will training be provided.

You MUST have a feeling for artistic work and design, for example, be able to create illustrations such as logotypes, cartoons and know how to digital draw with help of a graphical design board. Experience from light wave and/or Maya is a big plus since one of our future web pages will be a restaurant in full 3-D scale.

A good eye for user behaviour while browsing web pages is appreciated since we work with interactive mediums such as web pages with member sections, forum and photo/video galleries. It is essential that you can create galleries and present them in an attractive way for the visitors. And keep in mind, we have both member pages and non member pages. It is crucial that you are flexible in designing the web pages and the galleries depending of who the end user are and the purpose of the site.

Server knowledge is an advantage. That is being able to control the server, pointing domain and web pages right and upload material to the server as well. We use Linux based systems today, it would be an advantage if you had working knowledge in servers and Linux. Basic security knowledge is also of interest, that is how to make the server secure. Apache is also desirable to have some experience of.

WORKING LANGUAGES: English is an absolute must to master in writing and talking. Other languages as we grant positive is: Polish and Russian. Even German, French, Chinese and Spanish is interesting.

This will be full-time employment. Expect more than 40 hours a week. This is like starting your own web company with stable financial support from an experienced crew. We are going to treat you more as a partner than a hired employee. Thus have we high expectations. If you search for the “easy way”, you better do something else. Expect solid hard work.

The companies you work with will mainly be located in Germany, Great Britain and Estonia.

The idée is that you will engage heavily and have a percent share on the web pages that you create and maintain together with us. We are however able to support you with money as well before your percent share kicks in to replace your salary. That support would be around 750-1300 Euro cash (after taxes) per month, depending on your experiences, until your percent share kicks in with at least the same amount.

We understand that few people can start up a new business just on the spot. Therefore is this an excellent opportunity if you wish to build up a company and have a major influence of its creation. With our financial support and skills in producing and your talent for web design shall we aim high!

Travelling and moving should not be any problem for you. Be prepared for that you may have to move to Germany. If you have experiences from living abroad is that a plus. It is not a demand; the important thing is that you are flexible about where to live. As a bonus will you have one free flight a month home as extra support. The apartment in Germany will be shared with another team member. It will cost you around 200 euros a month which is deducted from your financial support.

The thought is that you invest 3 years of your life, or maybe you’re whole working career as from April next year with us. Before engaging in our business will we organize a meeting with you face-to-face. If we are pleased will you receive some minor missions to estimate your working capabilities and how well we cooperate together. These small missions will be paid for.

You must be stable, reliable, patient, and NOT offensive. Important is that the personal chemistry fits. Are you such a person that all people likes you for some reason, when is the opportunity big that we also does it. In our working environment is it also important to be able
to communicate with both models and customers. If you have worked with customer relations is that a plus as well. Proper clothing and style is also a factor since we have to keep a relaxed and modern style when we produce our material.

We want you to type a letter in ENGLISH where you tell us the following:

1. Why do you want to work within our market segments?
2. What you have done in your life so far. Educations, work history and what you do on spare time et c. If you have a history of unemployment is that no problem.
3. What do you want out of this life? Do you have any passions?
4. Why should we choose exactly you?
5. Attach a photo
6. Add references of work you have done.

Around 5-10 people will be selected for interview. Interviews will be performed in January and February 2007.


CLOSING DATE IS 30 of December 2006. We look forward to receive applications as soon as possible.

We only accept applications through the following email-address:

Kind Regards

Andy with team

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