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  • Oregon
  • Recent Graduate - Computer Forensics
  • Male
  • Bachelors degree
  • English / French
  • C / C++ / visual basic / some java
  • Intermediate
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  • Advanced Intermediate
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  • I am a recent graduate of Oregon State University.
    I love the outdoors, and take every chance I get to climb, hike, ski, or just plain be in the sun. At the same time I have a love for computers that will always be there. I suppose it's a dichotomy of sorts being in love with the outdoors while simultaneously loving to be inside on my computer.
    I have an insatiable desire to travel the world and see as much as I can.

    A friend once said to me:

    "You know, I'm a guy that likes things planned out. I know my destination, and care not about the path to getting there. You on the other hand do not know your destination, but care far more about the path you take"

    That quote about sums me up.

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