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  • Richland, WA
  • 27
  • Student
  • Web pages, Programing, Graphic Design, Photography, Computer Games, Hiking, Camping
  • travisperson
  • Male
  • Some college
  • English
  • Javascript, Python, C/C++, Ruby, Go
  • Advanced Intermediate
  • Advanced Intermediate
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  • Beginner
  • Google Chrome
  • Photoshop, Putty, Aptana (Eclipse), e Editor, Google Chrome, Firefox

  • SpooF reporting for duty! I really can’t tell you where my username came from. There’s really no rhyme or reason behind it. It was just some random name I used for online gaming when I signed up at Ozzu way back in 2004 (holy cow!).

    I started dipped and dabbled in web design after I found out my school was offering a technologies course in the subject. I got so interested in the subject I just kind took off with it and learned it all on my own; I didn’t want to wait to take the course. By the time I was eligible to take the course, first semester of my 8th grade year, I was already hand writing HTML (notepad for the win!), and writing custom PHP for CMS, simple stuff.

    I joined Ozzu when I was in 8th grade after I broke my ankle in P.E (Physical Education), second half of the year. I was stuck on my couch for a good week or so with nothing to do I started searching around the web and I found Ozzu, and I’m so glad I did! That week with the help of some very old members (One in particular, Rabid Dog) I managed to whip out a nice functioning blog. From there on I was addicted!

    Four some years later I graduated from High School (2008) and then started to attend, and currently attending, Washington State University where I’m studying Computer Engineering. I joined a Fraternity my first year on campus, I’m a proud member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. We are trying to redefine ‘Fraternity’ and help remove the stereotype that has been put on our self and hope that others will follow our lead.

    I’m hoping to graduate in the near future and get a job either working for some web startup in Silicon Valley, or going into the medical field and help save life’s with advances in computer technology.

    Ozzu is an amazing community and I’m glad I was able to join at such a young age (even thought I’m sure I was a little annoying back then). I hope to now give back to the community, everything the community has given to me.

  • 300, The Guardian, Butterfly Effect, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Italian Job, Sin City, Boondock Saints, The Punisher, Fearless, Rush Hour, The Number 23

  • Mythbusters, Modern Marvels, LOST, Chuck, Lie to Me

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