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  • Photographer (20+ yrs), artist (longer) and computer graphic designer. Now, on the road to getting a teaching certification and a possibly CEO & creator of a non-profit (depending whether it meets certain guideline and my own concerns), for a place for older teen and young adults between the ages of 14-21 years of age called simply, "The Place" for them to hang, get help, support, resource, workshop and lots, lots more. There is NOTHING out there like it!
  • lots & lots always willing to try "almost" anything once but love getting my hands into practically everything. I am a tomboy w/ a feminine side ya might say.
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  • editing softwares, Lightroom 2.0, many Adobe Suite software CS5 version and others photography, graphic, editing and more, including AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro and Corel Paint. I'm like a sponge; I love to learn. I like DIY stuff and self improvement. You can never "really" master anything and/or learn too much.

    I also like to knit, sew, swim, hike, bike (just outdoor stuff in general) and other stuff including but not limited to learning and working on my own car and hopefully to own in the future, my own motorcycle.

  • American Indian heritage with decentacy in Mogolian & carribean islander. Born & raised in New England area but have a like for the tropic, indian & asian culture, design and food (that's not to say I won't have my share of italian and other foods LOL).

  • "Association brings about assimilation." & Treat others the way YOU want to be treated."
  • "LOTR" triology, "Star Wars" triology (the add-on did not fair too well),
    "Taken", "Star Trek 2009", "ransformer"& "ransformer: Revegend of the fallen" "Fifth Element", "Lock, Stock & Two Broken Barrels", "Snatch" and others. I love animes. Being an artist I can like almost any well craft animation sometimes even with a bad story line. LOL

  • "Cheers" (before Kristy Ally; sorry), "Heroes" "Lost" (before it got lost & funky), "Burn Notice" never really watch it before but the re-run of "Charmed" I have to admit. I also really love show on Discovery, Animal planet & PBS documentaries...said I like to learn. I use to like Adult Swim when they were primarily showing anime; "now!" some of that stuff, oye!

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