3rd Party firewall for Microsoft Windows Server 2008

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Hi Everybody,

It's been quite awhile since I've been here. Unfortunately always pretty busy at work.

I'm just wondering if anybody here has any recommendations on a 3rd party firewall for Windows Server 2008.

To explain a little further. Windows Firewall by default operates in a mode whereby incoming connections have to be whitelisted while outgoing connections have to be blacklisted. I am wanting to switch over our outgoing connections to whitelisting behaviour. Obviously on a live system this is fraught with potential complications so I am looking for a firewall where I can:
1. Order the firewall rules so I can have an Allow all at the bottom with logging and specific whitelisting allow rules above
2. Prevent logging on certain rules(this enables me to set a Allow all at the bottom with logging and then whitelist items so they don't appear in the logs)

Whilst Windows Firewall is fine if you are starting off with a fresh system and will be whitelisting it is not suitable for a live system as the logging is either all dropped packets and/or all allowed packets with no indication of what firewall rule allowed a particular packet through.

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