Adding User to a network

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First and formost, I dont know which forum this goes in, I hope this is the correct one....

Ummm... I can add users on my school network with command prompt by going net user USERNAME /add but I don't know what the password gets set as to log on with it so I need to know how to create a user with a password. This:

net user <username> <space> <password> <space> /add

Works to add a user to a computer, but how would I add a user to a network? :roll: :oops: :roll:
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Try this link: ... 94&sd=tech


net user [username [password | *] [options]] [/domain]
username {password | *} /add [options] [/domain]
username [/delete] [/domain]

Is the name of the user account you want to add, delete, modify, or view. The name of the user account can have as many as 20 characters.
Assigns or changes a password for the user's account. A password must satisfy the minimum length set with the /minpwlen option of the net accounts command. It can contain as many as 14 characters.
Produces a prompt for the password. The password is not displayed when you type it at a password prompt.
Performs the operation on the primary domain controller (PDC) of the current domain. This parameter applies only to computers running Windows NT Workstation that are members of a Windows NT Server domain. By default, Windows NT Server-based computers perform operations on the PDC.
Adds a user account to the user accounts database.
Removes a user account from the user accounts database.

Note: The I found the above by typing 'net user command' in Google. Google is your best friend! :lol:

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You can also get the same syntax help by typing net user /? at the command prompt (doesn't provide the added description though.

Keep in mind, you will need to be a domain administrator to add a user to the domain.

to add to the domain the basic syntax would be:

net user userone passwordone /add /

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