No applications working, lots of access denied calls! Virus?

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Hi guys!

I think my computer just got attacked by a huge virus! None of my applications are working.....

I can't open any application!! Even my command prompt. When i double click on any application a box pops up to "Choose a program to use to open this file:"
And then when i right click the particular application, There is a command called "Run as.." and when i click that, it says:

"Which user account do you want to use to run this program?"

and 2 options under it:

1. Current User ( SYSTEM/admin )
2. the following user:

The 1st option is checked. And when i click ok, the application opens up.

Other than that i get a Huge number of application errors and i can't even save a file!! I wanted to post some screen shots here, But i am not able to save the image! I get an error saying:

"Access is denied" "You do not have permission to save in this directory".

I am not able to save anything using any application! My basic softwares like paint, word, excel are not working!! And I am not able to access any application due to access denied calls. Not even my command prompt!

Further, I am not able to view hidden files. And my anti virus software ( I use Bitdefender ) is not working!

And when i switch on my computer, I get svchost.exe missing! And after that lots of access denied errors and application errors.

I think its a virus attack! Right now my only option is to format my computer as i am not able to work on anything! Please help!

Thank you,

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If I were you I'd reinstall OS.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Pof wrote:
If I were you I'd reinstall OS.

thats a last resort. you should try everything first then do a format.

go to ... ckThis.exe

that is a executable version meaning it doesn't install

run that click the first option let it finish then post the log here

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